Secura Indoor Parcel Locker Specifications

  • 16 gage front frame, 22 gage tops, bottoms, sides & backs
  • 16 gage doors with continuous hinges
  • Zinc coated sheet steel metal components
  • 72" standard height
  • Self closing front doors
  • Rubber door bumpers provide silent door closing
  • Available with front loading (USPS type I) or read loading with a single full height rear door (USPS type II)
  • 2 patron keys with instruction tag provided with each locker compartment
  • A lock cover box is provided on the inside of the door and is removable only by unlocking the control lock
  • All lockers are shipped in individual columns, fully assembled by welded construction
  • Locker columns connect together with 4 bolts through clearance holes & into threaded holes in the adjoining locker column
  • Available with or without 4" high base
  • Side trim, corner trim & sloped tops are available
coin operated lockers

The patron removes the key from the postal box, reads the instruction tag, unlocks the locker & removes the parcel. The key cannot be removed again until the lock is reactivated by the postal employees' operation of the control lock.

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