Secura Coin Operated Locker Specifications

CABINETS: Zinc coated or stainless steel. Front frame: 16 gage (060" 1.52mm), shelves, tops, and bottoms, 22 and 18 gage (.030" .76mm). Backs perforated for ventilation. 1 and 2 compartment lockers have 2 coat hooks. 1 compartment lockers have hat shelves. Completely assembled with all welded construction. Made in individual columns. All columns of the same height connect together with bolts with clearance holes on left sides and threaded holes on right sides. Holes provided for connecting lockers to wall. Doors stop against rubber bumpers and handle strike plates.

DOORS: Plain zinc coated steel or stainless steel 16 gage (.060" 1.52 mm) on the main face panels. Full height continuous (piano type) hinges of the same material as the doors. Hinges and doors are welded together to make one piece and connected to the cabinet with rivets. The doors have twist proof inner reinforcement channels unique to Secura. All handles and doorstops are stainless steel. 90 degree door openings. Removable number plates on doors. Self closing doors. The door handle covers the latch when closed. Some door items mentioned are not applicable to wallet sized lockers.

BASE: Lockers can be installed with or without 4" (100mm) high bases. Bases are zinc coated steel.

COIN COMPARTMENT: Double thickness with reinforcements on four sides of entry. Triple overlap where sides meet front coverplate. 12 pin lock with reinforced cup type cam. Locks keyed alike.

COINLOCK MECHANISMS: Coinlock mechanisms have stainless faceplates and other corrosion resistant components. All springs are stainless steel. The coinlock mechanisms are mounted in the right doorframes and held in at the top by the control lock. The mechanism corners are supported into the frame by a double thickness mechanism chamber. They are removable in either the locked or unlocked position by unlocking the control lock. Improper objects inserted into the coinslot are removable without any disassembly. The mechanisms are adjustable for coin sizes of .70" 17.5mm (dime size) to 1 ¼ " 31mm diameter. Accepts as many as 6 US Quarters & Adjustable for Golden Dollar.

LOCK CYLINDERS: Customer lock cylinders are keyed differently with and unlimited number of possible key changes. Control and coinbox locks are keyed alike, and duplicatable upon reorders or replacement. Customer lock cylinders are removable without disassembling the coinlock mechanisms. Keycode numbers are on the customer lock cylinders and keys. Control and coinbox locks have keycode numbers on the keys only. Control and coinbox keycode numbers are recorded by Secura. Customers keys have plastic key caps to prevent breakage. Locker numbers appear on customer keys. Keys are available with or without Stainless steel safety pins or wrist bands. All locks and keys are manufactured by Secura. Secura keys are not available in key shops.

COINLOCK ACTION: The customer turns the key to lock the door only after the full coin fee has been inserted into the coinslot. Oversized coins cannot be inserted and undersized coins can be rejected. The key cannot be removed till the locker is locked. An internal device will not allow the coinfee to fall and be lost to the customer until the key has been removed. The key will not turn unless the door is closed. After the customer has returned and unlocks the locker, the key cannot be removed and is thereby ready for use by the next customer.

FINISH MATERIALS: For zinc coated steel lockers; polyurethane, polyester, or epoxy baked on powder coating approximately .003" (.075mm) thickness per side. Cabinets and doors can be of different colors, Stainless steel lockers: no.4 finish on front face side with plain doors and no.4 or 2B finish on the remainder of the cabinet.

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